Sit Back, Relax and Exercise

A Recumbent Exercise Bike is one that puts the user in a relaxed and lounging position while at the same time lets you workout using your legs. Since its practically hands free you can use your hands to either flick the remote control while watching TV, or read a book or tablet, or even browse the Internet or work on your emails on your iPad or laptops. However, one is always challenged by the choices available in the market that it leaves them with no other choice but to do a thorough research before venturing out to invest in one.

Read more for a list of the 10 best Recumbent Exercise Bikes.

  • Schwinn 270: This recumbent exercise bike comes programmed with 29 pre-set programs and 25 levels of resistance. It also has a large LCD Console that features 13 display feedbacks including User Indicator and Goal Achievement. The best thing about this bike is its ergonomic seat with contoured leg area and comfortable backrest.
  • Diamondback Fitness 910SR: The performance standard of this recumbent exercise bike has never failed any user as it is manufactured with high standards and after thorough in depth research. The acoustic speaker system and the 3.5mm headphone jack it features makes listening to music even more enjoyable.
  • Sole R92: This is the most comfortable recumbent exercise bike and has a very low-impact workout. For your added ease the seat has an adjustable gel cushion. The LCD Console that displays metrics such as speed, distance and calories burnt is 9-inch and is easily readable even from far.
  • Endurance B3R: The Endurance B3R features up to 16 levels of resistance and a self-generating feedback. This recumbent exercise bike that gives you a cardiovascular workout comes with manufacturers warranty of lifetime parts. Its maximum user weight capacity of 400lbs and Dura-Firm upholstery is good value for money.
  • Stamina Conversion II: Imagine an exercise bike that allows to both row and bike at the same time. This is what Stamina Conversion II can do for you. It comes with a crank attached so that you can very comfortably change between a bike and a rower. Moreover, the seat is built-in with soft and foam pads.
  • Nautilus R614: This is a perfect bike for a couple as it allows a two-user capability. And for that added inspiration and motivation listen to your favorite music while working out using the acoustic chamber speakers. It also has transport wheels so that you can transfer it from place to another.
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer: As the name suggests this is a hybrid purpose exercise bike that allows you to either use it as a recumbent exercise bike or an elliptical. A unique feature about it is its ability to adjust the feet level. Also, the LCD Display Panel can be adjustable to suit your vision.
  • Kettler Giro R: Although the seat comes with thick-pads with a supportive backrest the workout can be quite intense. However, it’s an optimal combination of both comfort and high-level force. The seating allows for the right posture while working out and can be totally relied upon to burn some extra calories fast.
  • Best Fitness BFRB1: A distinct feature in this recumbent exercise bike is its compact size combined with its easy to use walk-through design. Additionally, the handlebars are fitted very appropriately for the much needed grip and support. It has all the features that you would ever need for your cardiovascular workout.
  • Kettler RE7: Kettler Re7 has a very distinctive feature that displays the program hill profiles, its graphic dot matrix. Fitted with 48 pre-set programs, walk-through design and four user profiles this recumbent exercise bike caters for all users from one end of the spectrum to the other.

The information provided here is adequate information to get a good gist of the types of bikes available. However, it goes without saying that you still need to visit the store and try out each one of them to understand how it would feel like to own and use one. See here for more stores. With the combined research of both the Internet search and in store visit you should be well on your way to make a final judgment call to determine which one to ultimately own.




Chisel your body with these bikes

Have you ever been thinking about exercise bikes lately? Have you ever been doing window-shopping for exercise bikes? If you are a health and fitness conscious person then you are bound to have thoughts about which ones of those exercise bikes that are best one to have. You probably must have seen various types of them and cannot for the life of you decide which one is the best for you that would suit your needs. The choices in the market are overwhelming and at times intimidating too. You certainly don’t want to spend more time than is necessary to zero in on one. Your friends give you mixed messages and different opinions about what they think is the best exercise bike. However you have to decide because you are the judge.

Please find below the information that has the effect of a one-stop shop and hopefully at the end of it you would have a fairly good idea of which ones are the best and/or the details needed to make an informed decision. It is not an endorsement or a recommendation for any product but is simply a factual account.

Chisel your body with these bikes


The resistance of an exercise bike differs. Its main function is to simulate the actual feeling and pressure that you sense while riding an outdoor bike.


These are hands free machines meant for people who would like to work out their legs but keep their hands free to read, write or work on the laptop.


Both hands and legs are used while exercising in an upright one and have the same movement as an actual bike, albeit stationary.


These can be used for a full work out session including your legs, hands and your upper and lower torso.


Time-constrained professionals use this because it allows them to be at the desk working as well as working out.


A bicycle stand is ideal if you live in a city that constantly rains or snows as it allows you to transform your outdoor bike into an indoor one.


In case you are space constrained probably a foldable one is the best exercise bike for you.


For those of you who consider workout a chore an e-bike is an interactive bike that combines technology to entertain you in various ways.


If you know your work out routine and want to stick to one particular session consider buying one that allows you to preprogramme it.


Tired of going to spinning classes to your nearby gym? A training cycle is just the right exercise bike for you.

Given above are some specifications of an exercise bike and are not product names. Each manufacture depending on the target market they choose to serve produces them with different combinations of features and various sets of specifications. The market is flushed with exercise bikes that cater to all needs, requirements and specifications especially in this day and age when so much emphasis is being put on health and rightly so because health is wealth.

Here’s an exercise for you to try and make it a bit simpler. Before you head out to that exercise bike store indulge yourself in a reflective exercise with the following steps in minds. If you’re already thinking of purchasing one this exercise should not take you more than a few minutes. You can probably do it over a nice cup of Starbucks coffee. Mind you, this is no way an endorsement of Starbucks too. The idea is to help you get through all the jargon that overwhelms you and leaves you indecisive and confusing. The handholding exercise below may sound and appear simple but has been very effective. Many people think that this exercise is very efficient in that it forces one to make that buying decision but in a smooth manner.

  • Make a list of the things that you would look for in a bike that would add value to your hectic life.
  • Narrow the above list down to the most essential ones without compromising on quality.
  • Visit 3 stores and make another list of those bikes that are closely aligned with the needs mentioned in the initial list.
  • Write down the price against each bike including all taxes, service charges and other costs.
  • Compare the prices of each bike against the budget that you had in mind at the outset.
  • Shortlist 3 or 4 bikes that would optimize specifications, stated need, the prices and your budget.
  • Choose the best one from among the shortlist and visualize having them in your house.
  • Head straight to the store with your wallet and make that much deserved purchase.
  • Welcome the new baby home with a blast with your friends around you and a champagne bottle.
  • Find a fixed time to work out daily on a consistent basis and shed that extra pounds.

So there you go. This is all you need to have that great body that you’ve always dreamt of and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s not as difficult as you thought it would be. Investing in the best exercise bike has just been made easier. It is worth trying. Just make sure you have enough space in your home for the equipment.

So good luck on that and have that body you deserve.

Work Out At Home With Exercise Bike

People want to be fit and healthy so that they could look good and lead an energetic life.  Being fit takes lot efforts. One would need to join gym or carry out fitness trainings to stay healthy. One can find several of fitness equipment in the market. There are different kinds of machines and gadgets designed for successful workout session. Having a best set of equipments can help in conducting the home exercise and fitness session to achieve the fitness needs.  The exercise bikes are one of the most admired exercise equipment that are used by people at home to workout. Working out on the exercise bike and health tools can help you in shedding out a proper amount of weight. You can effectively burn out calories with this simple exercise session. You can bring it home to maintain good health and fitness.

You can achieve significant benefits by carrying out your exercise in home using the fitness equipments.  Getting the equipments at your home you can save a lot of money of a gym, and you can manage the routine for your workout as per your schedule. If  you are not comfortable to attend the work out session in the gym and that is the sole reason why you could not focus on your fitness than working out in the home is the best alternative as you would not be conscious and uncomfortable working out in your home.

Work Out At Home With Exercise Bike

While working out in home it is important that you select the best fitness equipment that could be able to give you a good workout. There are several manufacturers who build exercise bike and health equipments. It is essential that you buy the exercise equipment from a reliable manufacturer that provides with high-quality workout equipments. There are several tools in the market that can help you to carry out the best training session at home. To ensure complete fitness all you need to do is get these equipments to your place and workout. You can burn your fats and calories quickly by exercising and following the perfect regime that will help you to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. It is not necessary that you go to gym to have a fit health; you can easily achieve your fitness goals by regularly exercising in your house itself. With the help of the finest health equipments and tools one can carry out the gym workout sessions in the home itself.

If you want to stay fit and healthy than exercising for few months and abandoning it won’t help you much.  You need to follow the exercise regime in a proper manner and participate regularly to get all the benefits and to stay in shape as well as to remain healthy. People quickly lose interest and later complain about not having a proper fitness even after working out. It is necessary that you opt for such equipment that can keep you interested and you are comfortable with so that you can follow the routine for a long term.  The exercise bike is one excellent choice when it is about long term commitment.

The exercise bike and health equipment come with numerous workouts, terrains and races programmed into them.  This gives you the option to have a different workout and terrain every time you are working out without getting bored up from the workout session. You can maintain a particular speed and pulse rate on the exercise bikes.  Most people are familiar with riding bikes, the exercise bikes are very similar to it so it is sure that one will not get tired quickly. You can easily be able to work out on the exercise bike even if you have never tried one or are working on one after a long time.  You will be able to be more fit and toned if you maintain a proper regime and workout regularly instead of working out for once in a while. Your cardiovascular health can be improved and increased with long use of the exercise bikes. The muscle mass and tone in your legs, bottom, and back can be increased by working out.  The increase in the muscle mass results into burning calories even while you are not working out. With this you will be able to lose weight easily as well as keep the weight off easily as you are working out continuously and building up the muscles.

The exercise bikes are available in the variety of forms and models.  The bikes are the best way for maintain your fitness and stretch out. The health benefits that can be gained by exercising with the exercise bikes are such as strengthening leg muscles and burning excess body fat. Along with the losing excess weight, you can also boost up your stamina through exercising.  The formation of muscle mass will speed up the strengthening of your muscles.

Fitness Mantra In Modern World

​​​​In our modern world, everybody needs to fit. There is a competition between us to become healthier and have an attractive body. However, because of busy schedules, we are not able to go to the gym. Our lifestyle is also one of the major factors to make us unhealthy and untuned body. Few of us also go the gym, but incorrect exercise and wrong nutrition do not allow us to burn our fat. Keeping these things in mind, we are going to instruct you on how to keep you healthy and fit in our modern era. Cycling is one of the most effective ways to burn your fats. Stop doing unnecessary exercise, ask your gym instructor for an exercise bike. Doing a workout using exercise bikes gives you all necessary workout for your body. It toned your muscles, gives shape to the thighs and butts, and made unbelievable looks to your abdomen. Moreover, if you do not have time to go to the gym, you can buy and use it daily in your home. You have just to buy an exercise bike, and health of your will to become better.


Now, in the market, you will find many types of exercise bikes quickly. There are various types of exercise bikes available like dual action bikes, stationary bikes, spinning bikes and recumbent bikes. You will not understand which one you need the most. However, I can give you a short explanation for each so you can able to decide what they term means. Starting with dual action bikes, as the name indicates itself, it gives you both upper and lower body workouts. Much like an elliptical machine, their hands move independently. It was a quite good exercise bike, but a little bit hard for the beginners. As a result, the time you are spending on this bike is usually tedious. You can also get some bikes that allow creating an arm pedaling exercise. It was a quite difficult job of making an adjustment. In addition, its two separate tasks consume more time; most of the people do not prefer this because of their busy routine. If we talk about the stationary bikes or upright bikes, most people can identify these bikes. We have seen the same base model in 1980’s. Therefore, it was quick to get bored while using these kinds of exercise bike and health cannot be improved. The spinning bikes were very popular in health clubs. These bikes usually have one wheel spinning that is why it was brilliantly named as spinning exercise bikes. The seat of this exercise bike is small and hard; it was very uncomfortable. The health club makes this uncomfortable bike unusual, but if you use this bike at home, it will quickly become tedious.

Last but not the least, recumbent exercise bikes. Recumbent exercise bikes have much comfortable bucket seat, and you can sit back as your lower body can pedal at the same time. These bikes are more suitable for beginners and for those who have different exercise levels. These bikes have the highest recommendation of experts. Most of the physicians and experts believe the recumbent exercise bikes are safe to handle for both men and women. With less effort, recumbent exercise bikes give you a tremendous workout to build your body musceles and lean muscles. These bikes also provide benefits to women by giving a perfect shape to their leg and bottom. More advantages for this bike, See more. You can also find them in your budget. Recumbent exercise bike and health are now affordable for everybody. If these mantras is applied in your modern life, you will be more healthier than ever.

Gaining fitness from home

Now a day’s obesity has become a huge crisis in the world. Most of the people have alienated themselves from physical activities, which cause a lot of health problems for them like coronary heart disease, increased cholesterol, increased weight, high blood pressure, etc. The reason for their total abandonment of healthy activities could be many, it might be because they are too busy, or they like to spend their entire day playing video games, or any other reasons. In 2008, around 5.3 million deaths out of 57 million total worldwide were attributed to inactivity, according to Time magazine’s analysis of a study published in Lancet. Of those 5.3 million deaths, most were from diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer and colon cancer. The study indicated that if inactivity was reduced by 10 percent, a total of 533,000 lives would have been saved. If physical activity increased to 25 percent, 1.3 million deaths might have been prevented. Further, the overall life expectancy of humans would have increased by 0.68 years.

However, to combat this growing health crisis, doctors and other health specialists strongly suggest reviving the joys of physical activities. To safely enter into the domain of fitness it is advised to go slow. Since so many people are affected by this problem, it is recommended to use low impact biking, as a solution, in order to get started on the road to fitness. Biking is a great way of improving your health. Biking daily increases your stamina, strengthens your muscle, reduce your weight and significantly decreases the risk of heart disease. For those living in areas, which have nonexistence of bike tracks or congested roads, can use exercise bikes in order to achieve fitness.

It has been estimated that cycling can burn up to 500 calories per hour. These exercise bikes are mostly available at the gym, but you can also buy it for your home. There are many kinds of exercise bikes, including:

  • Recumbent exercise bike
  • Spin exercise bike
  • Upright exercise bike

For people with weight issues, who are new to exercising, recumbent exercise bikes, are very suitable. They are stable, safe and comfortable. These bikes can be bought from an exercise equipment store or purchased online. However, before purchasing these bikes it is advised to take a look at the exercise bike reviews.

Benefits of using recumbent exercise bike at home

Since recumbent exercise bikes don’t take a large amount of space they could be easily placed in your home. There are many benefits of using exercise bikes at home including:

  • It saves your precious time
  • It saves your precious money
  • You don’t have to wait for your turn
  • Those who are lazy does not have to mentally prepare themselves before going to the gym

Health benefits

The sole purpose of using recumbent exercise bike is to stay healthy and fit and it seems that these exercise bikes fulfill our requirements effectively. Among the many benefits of recumbent exercise bike, some of them are as follows:

  • Cardiovascular exercises
  • Increase strength
  • Reduce weight
  • It puts less stress on your back, knee and hip joints
  • Less chances of injury
  • Reduce cholesterol and blood pressure

Some things that one should consider about stationary bikes

The way to the fitness and healthy life can be very easy if you follow certain things in your life. When people want to stay fit and fine in their life, they have to follow the regular exercise along with healthy eating habits. Some people follow the daily work that comprise of many physical activities. But many people work by sitting at one place. These people just pile the calories in their body as they do not perform any physical movement on a regular basis. In such cases, people should follow the regular physical activities by exercising on daily basis. Not every person gets the free time to follow the intense workout plan. But there are even some exercise plans that just need to do 10 to 15 minutes on daily basis. The people with busy and hectic daily routine can follow such kinds of exercise plans as per their convenience time that is in morning or evening.

Out of many different kinds of workout plan for short time, cardio workout plans are the best ones. In the cardio workout, your complete body gets to move around. Cardio workout comprises of many different things such as jogging, running, cycling, swimming, and dancing. But not every person has the resources to follow the cardio in open space. Instead, people can follow the cardio workout plan indoor. People can also find many different types of indoor machineries invented for same use of people. There are some of the favorite machines such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical bikes. These kinds of machines can be used in the house or at the gym as well. Most people just want to stay fit but love to follow the workout plan at home with the machineries that can be used at home. Out of many different types of machineries, stationary bikes are the most used ones by the people. The stationary bikes can also be used by any person irrespective of their age or gender. Using the stationary bikes also offer many different types of health benefits to the people. Following are some of the examples of benefits of stationary bikes.

 optimum-trainer-graphics-day-24 (1)

The easiest technique to exercise

When you start using the stationary bike for the exercise on daily basis, it is the easiest method that you use to work out on a regular basis. You can follow the bike exercise in your spare time. Unlike the outdoor exercise plan, the indoor stationary bikes do not have any interruption in workout irrespective of what is the weather outside. Follow the stationary bike exercise as you also do not need to have any special set of skills. You might have learned riding the bicycle in your younger ages. So you just need to follow the same thing in the stationary bikes. The only difference is you do not have to roam around in the pollution and bad weather condition. Instead, you can follow the routine in calm and pollution free home environment. Plus when you choose to do the exercise at home, you do not have to spend much time. You just need to steal 10 to 30 minutes time from your daily schedule.

The perfect way to tone the muscles and build strength

Using the stationary bikes is also the best way to build the strength as per your routine you follow on a daily basis. With the constant use of the bike on a regular basis help you to increase the strength in a slow pace, but effective way. It also helps you improve the function of lungs and heart. Also, using the regular bike using on a daily basis help you shape the muscles of your legs including thighs, calf muscles, and many more others. It is a very good idea for the people that have good shape upper body but want to improve the shape of the lower body as well. Many professional people that follow the exercise also make use of the stationary bikes and other equipments to improve the shape of legs.

Risk-free movements to increase muscles

Unlike the intense workout plans where the people have the possibility to straining their body muscles at a dangerous level, using the stationary bike is a much safer way to tone muscles. When you use the stationary bikes for the exercise your knees, ankles, and other joints along with muscles go through the calm way of exercise. So they do not have any option to getting strained in between. As soon as you start using the stationary bike for the exercise you will start feeling the effect in a just couple of days. You can even follow certain steps that are mentioned on the online website regarding exercise bike and health.

Stationary bikes help to build the stamina

The bikes can also be used to build the better stamina. These kinds of products help the athletes that need the better stamina to show the better performance in their games. The regular usage of the stationary bike ensures you are able to improve your stamina by the proper blood and air supply in the body.

The perfect way to enhance the cardiovascular fitness

When you start paddling on any sorts of bikes, you start to the increase heart rate. Without the proper practice, your heart might start to beat at the higher rate in the beginning, but with the regular use your heart also starts to manage as per the exercise. It results in the improving cardio-vascular fitness for you. As per the various researches, it has revealed that using the bike on a regular basis has proved to be improving the cardiovascular fitness by 3 to 7 percent.

Stationary bike to burn your calories

When you start paddling your heart beat increases along with the movement of the body part mostly the lower body part. It results in the burning of the calories from your body. The people that hardly do any physical movement can make use of the stationary bikes on regular bikes to burn up their calories. When you body start to burn the calories, it also starts to affect fat that was accumulated in your body. The following calculation will help you to burning your calories. When you paddle with steady speed for one hour, your body burns around 300 calories. If you use the stationary bike for 30 minutes in a day, so that will result in shedding 11 pounds of weight from your body in one year. As the regular usage of the bike helps your body to build the muscles, it also results in increasing your metabolic rate once you done using it.

It also improves you heart health

According to the research done by some fitness experts all over the world, regular use of the stationary bike for just 20 miles per week can decrease the jeopardy of coronary heart sickness by up to 50 percent. The studies have also suggested that the people that have used the stationary bike for longer distance also decrease the cause of the heart diseases.

The use of bike to enhance the coordination

As per the online websites related to exercise bike and health, the regular use of bike also helps you to increase the coordination of your complete body. The coordination between arm to leg, body to the eye, and hands to feet get improved automatically. Many cyclists that compete in the various cycling events practice for many hours per day to increase their coordination.

Stationary bikes also decrease stress from body

The most common disease that can be found in people all over the world is stress. The increased level of stress also results in depression for many people. When people want to get rid of stress from their daily routine, they can start using the stationary bike. You can enjoy the paddling the stationary bike in your house while watching television, listening songs, or reading your choice of novels. It helps you to rejuvenate the body and mind too so that you can start your new day every day.

If you do not have contact practice stationary bike, then you have to consider the some points before you can actually start using it. Following are some points you can consider before following the regular use of the bike.

Always check with your doctor

Now you will think what is the necessity of consulting the doctor for the bike exercise? It is very important because when you force your body and muscles to do something they are familiar, they can face lots of issues. On the other hand, your doctor can suggest you some helpful plans that can use to follow in the daily use of the stationary bike.

The initial stages of workout

Making use of the stationary bike is considered as the basic level of the exercise. Now you will think what base training is. The base training means, the exercise that offers stamina and aerobic trading at the similar stage. When you follow the other exercise steps in your daily exercise routine, then always arrange the stationary bike use in the first, so your body get warmed up for the further workout plan you follow.

Starting slowly and then increasing pace

It does not matter if a novice or professional person is starting the exercise, they should always start with a slow pace. Once their body warms up, they increase the speed and tension of paddling. Also, if you are not comfortable with following this exercise on a daily basis, it is fine. You can do it three times a week. Once the stamina and strength increases, you can then follow the daily basis use of the stationary bike. Along with this, the speed use for the paddling the stationary bike should also be increased on a slow basis. In the initial stages, you should start with slow speed and then as the time passes by you should also increase the speed with slow rate. If you increase the pace and speed suddenly then you might end up straining the muscles.

These are some points that you can remember while following the exercise of the stationary bike. Now you know what to know about the stationary bikes and what things to follow. The next thing you will consider is purchasing the stationary bike for your use. You will find two different types of stationary bikes those are upright bikes and recumbent bikes. As per your necessity, you can select the stationary bike you need for your home use. If you are not suffering from back pain and want to carry out intense exercise for your legs, then you can purchase the upright stationary bike. If you have back pain issues and also looking for a light way to exercising for your legs, then you can select the recumbent bikes. You can use the stationary bike for staying fit along with when you want to lose weight but with a lighter way of exercise. Before purchasing the stationary bike, you also need to consider the various things.

Following are certain things you can keep in mind while purchasing the stationary bike.

Do you need recumbent bike or upright bike?

Do you want to purchase the new or used stationary bike?

What is your budget to purchase the bike?

Do you need the programmable bike with several features or manual bike with the limited bike?

These are just some of the things that you need to consider before you can purchase the stationary bike you need. You can even browse the online websites related to the exercise bike and health to find more information about them. There are many numbers of professionals that are offering the suggestion and tips to the people from all around you world. You can easily find the option like click here to find more information about the stationary bikes and their tips that need to be followed.